The Homeopathic Choice

for ADHD

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The Homeopathic Choice

for ADHD

The Homeopathic Choice for ADHD Course is designed to provide a holistic and natural approach to managing ADHD symptoms. With this course, you'll discover the power of homeopathy and how it can transform your life and help you or your loved one achieve greater focus, calmness, and overall well-being.

This course will take you on a transformative journey of discovering the power of homeopathy, providing you with the tools to achieve greater focus, calmness, and overall well-being, making a positive impact on your life or that of your loved one suffering from ADHD.

This course has 6 amazing chapters and 21 exciting lessons.

Check out the course curriculum:

  • Why homeopathy?

  • Learning about homeopathic remedies

  • Sleeping issues for children

  • Bedtime routine remedies

  • Remedies for fear

  • Anxiety about school

  • Helping dyslexia and word confusion

  • Concentration remedies

  • Remedies for quarrelling

  • Angry emotions

  • Remedies for violence

  • Remedies for bad behavior

This course contains an exciting array of resources, including:

  • Engaging videos that bring the content to life and make learning a blast;

  • Interactive printouts to help you apply what you've learned;

  • Fascinating reading material packed with information to expand your mind and deepen your understanding;

  • And that's not all! Our course is packed with other resources to make your learning experience unforgettable.